Technical Data

General surface 50 m2
Compact, 3-room, ridge roof, 1.5 floor sauna/ summer house.
A modern/ novel house, which has been created considering the needs of small families or elderly people.
Fit for building both in a city as well as the country-side. Are you interested? There are several different versions of this house. Ask for further information!


Factory package includes

Sketch drawings: bottom plan, views and cross-section.
External walls (weatherboarding 21×148/123 mm, purlins, wind barrier, wall frame 195 mm, insulation 200+50 mm, vapour barrier, purlin 45mm)
Bearing partition walls (only wall frame)

Floor/ partitioning ceiling (beams 45×245 mm, 100 mm sound barrier wool, wood chipboard 22mm).

Roof (roof tile, stone purlin 45×45 mm, distance batten 35×45 mm, underlayer, frame 50x245mm, insulation 250+50mm, vapour barrier, purlin 50mm). Stone may be replaced with roof sheet. Chimney SIH 16/18/L.

Rainwater drainage and pipes
Wood-imitating plastic windows and wooden front door.
Transportation – a 100 km radius from Rapla.
NB! The factory package does not include installation, the base slab or VAT