Commonly roof elements that have been manufactured in factories can be used for almost any types of buildings: private buildings, apartment buildings, saunas, summer houses, ancillary buildings, production facilities and etc.
A roof constructed of roof elements, on the other hand, can be built multiple times faster than roof-work carried out at traditional construction sites.

The roof element construction depends on the roof type, its tilt/pitch, measurements and the size of area covered under the roof as well as its utility: is it a cold or warm attic, a mansard floor or other.

Standard solutions

Roof covering material that requires roovitus:
In case of a stone roof, a roovitus of 30×45 mm up to 45×45 mm
Distance batten/strip 22×45 mm up to 45×45 mm
Underlying fabric (breathing or non-breathing) or Steico Universal board
Frame 45×95 mm up to 45×420 mm
Insulation 95-420 mm
Transportation film

Roof covering material that requires a smooth undersurface (boarding or OSB board):
OSB 15-22 mm
Full-boarding 22×100 mm or 25×100 mm, plywood 15-21 mm < Distance batten/strip 22x45 mm up to 45x45mm Underlying fabric (breathing or non-breathing) or OSB slab Frame 45x95 mm up to 45x300 mm Insulation 95-300 mm Transportation film Roof elements can be ordered in different degrees of assembly/completion There are roof elements available 2.7m in width and up to 12m in length. Supporting material:
With one edge, the roof elements rest on / lean on the external wall and with the other, on a laminated pole.
Here are some explanatory and visual aids, sketches and pictures from instalment.
See See roof element sketch or installation of roof elements. (PDF files).


Sample price:

Price from 50€/m2 (in case of a ridge roof – 145mm wood + wool)